Gutterglove Icebreaker Gutter Guards


Gutterglove IceBreaker was designed to protect against all types of debris conditions as well as severe winter Ice and Snow Conditions. This unique Gutter Guard melts Ice and Snow to eliminate Ice Dams and Icicles even in the harshest climates. A true four season Gutter Guard.

Protects against the following variety of trees:

  • Pine
  • Dogwood
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Locust
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Walnut

Dogwood Tree Gutter Protection  Birch Tree Gutter Protection  Pine Tree Gutter Protection

Key Benefits

    Gutter Clearing, Madison, WI

  • When it's raining or snowing, Icebreaker filters out leaves, pine needles and sand from your gutters! Not only is it the premier gutter protection that filters out all debris, it also is heated to protect against ice dams in the winter.
  • Melted snow in the winter, and rainwater in the fall and spring, are properly routed down your downspout so there are no rainwater erosion problems to your landscape!
  • IceBreaker's ice melting technology only needs one heat cable to melt the ice in and on your gutter! Saves on energy!
  • You can harvest the snow with Icebreaker. The debris free melted snow can travel all the way to your rainwater storage tanks!
  • No more gutters being ripped off your home from sliding snow and ice off your roof. Icebreaker is like a ski jump and the snow and ice just slide off leaving your gutters intact.
  • Eliminates gutter cleaning and clogs forever!

Sizes Available

Fits on: 4”, 5", 5.5” and 6" gutters
Length: 5 feet
Width: 5.75”


Icebreaker Construction, Madison, WI


Gutterglove Pro, Gutterglove Ultra and Gutterglove IceBreaker consists of two components, a perforated aluminum channel and type 316 stainless steel mesh. The stainless steel mesh is glued into grooves along both sides of each 5 foot aluminum channel section. It installs on any existing gutter. Gutterglove's specifications were designed so that it simply slips under the roof shingles and fits snuggly to the front lip of your gutter. Gutterglove should be installed at the same pitch as the roof to get the best performance of debris shedding off.

Aluminum Channel Frame:

Aluminum Channel Frame: The extruded aluminum support frame is anodized to further protect itself from the environment and to make it more adaptable to be installed on a copper gutter. The anodizing process converts the aluminum surface into an extremely hard, durable, corrosion resistant, long-lasting aluminum oxide finish. Anodizing also responds favorably to current governmental regulations because it is one of the most environmentally friendly industrial processes. Since this process is a reinforcement of a naturally occurring oxide process, it is non-hazardous and produces no harmful or dangerous by products. Anodized aluminum is used around the world as highly durable exteriors in commercial buildings such as one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Other revolutionized uses are in scientific instruments, home appliances, satellites in space for harsh environmental protection, staircases in skyscrapers and a host of other uses.

Gutterglove is the ONLY gutter guard in existence that uses an anodized extruded aluminum profile.

Stainless Steel Mesh:

The super-strong type 316 stainless steel mesh allows more than 150 inches of hourly rainfall to filter through to your gutter. Type 316 is molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steel which is more resistant to general corrosion and pitting/crevice corrosion than the conventional chromium nickel austenitic lower quality stainless steels such at types 302 and 304 or any other standard stainless steel alloys. The pots and pans manufacturers that are highly promoted at home and garden shows for their non-corrosive attributes are only type 304 stainless steel.

The 316 alloy offers higher creep, stress-to-rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. It also resists attack of marine and corrosive industrial atmospheres which makes it an ideal component for Gutterglove. Type 316 stainless steel alloy is widely used in the food, marine and medical industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gutterglove IceBreaker?

Gutterglove IceBreaker is a true Four Season gutter protection system. A leading innovator in gutter guard deicing systems, our self-regulating heat cables radiate heat throughout the gutter guard and the gutter to melt icicles, ice dams and snow loads.

How does it work?

Icebreaker is the only heated gutter guard on the market that uses a unique form of aluminum alloy that is extruded, anodized, and hardened. These features allow the highest potential of radiant heat transfer. IceBreaker incorporates a self regulating heated cable within its profile for creating this ice melting feature.

The IceBreaker system can be controlled in a variety of ways. It can come with a simple cord that plugs into an exterior GFI Protected outlet or it can be as sophisticated as Heat and Moisture Sensors that turn the system on for you, giving you the freedom to travel without the worry of Ice Dam formation while you are gone.

Icebreaker can be installed on any roof type including metal, tile, asphalt and wood shingle. Simply said, Gutterglove Icebreaker is the hottest gutter guard on the market!

What does it cost to operate?

Cost depends greatly on the volume of wire necessary to heat the IceBreaker and Downspouts and the severity of the winter. However, Gutterglove uses only low temperature and low wattage self regulating heat cables to maximize efficiency and to keep the operating cost at a minimum.

Gutterglove IceBreaker eliminates gutter cleaning!

This type of aluminum alloy which no other gutter protection system uses, is incorporated into a revolutionary patent pending design that not only eliminates icing problems on your gutters, but also supports a fine grade surgical stainless steel mesh to filter out leaves, pine needles and seed pods from your gutter system. With Icebreaker, you will never have to clean out your gutters again!

I don't have gutters because it freezes where I live.

If you live in areas where it’s so cold that ice problems prohibit you from having a gutter system for properly draining rainwater, then think again! With Gutterglove Icebreaker you can now have a fully functioning gutter system during the freezing winters and hot summers for diverting the rainwater away from your landscape to avoid erosion problems.

What Gutterglove IceBreaker can do for you?

  • Eliminate gutter ice dams!
  • Eliminate gutter icicles!
  • Eliminate gutter snow loads!
  • Never clean your gutters again!
  • Thickest gutter guard in the world for optimized heat transfer for melting ice!
  • Snow avalanching off roof
Gutterglove is by far the most durable and strongest gutter guard in the industry, and Ice Dam Solutions provides service for Michigan, specifically Traverse City, Kingsley, Buckley, Interlochen, Honor, Cedar, Maple City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, Mackinaw, Harbor Springs, Torch Lake, Elk Rapids, Acme, Roscommon, Houghton Lake, Gaylord, Beulah, Kalkaska, Benzie, Suttons Bay, Leelanau, Glen Arbor, Northport, Frankfort and all surrounding areas.

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